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Rapid City BCycle Program Kicks Off

by Darren Leeds | Aug 23, 2014

Rapid City is considered a bicycle friendly community, with numerous bike paths around town and trails at Hansen–Larson Memorial Park.

Now a new service in the city is offering easy access to bicycles for anybody who'd like to use them.

The concept is simple...
You rent a bike, ride it for a while and then park it back at the kiosk for another person to use.
The B–Cycle program is an automated, public bike sharing system.

Rhea Landholm says, "We visited other cities who have the bike sharing program and it's really cool to hop on the bike and to go visit the sights and we thought what if we did that for Rapid City because there's no other place in Rapid City that rents bicycles just for a couple hours or even a week because you can have a 24–hour membership, a 7–day membership or even an annual membership."

The B–Cycle kiosk is extremely user friendly, you can simply swipe your credit card here and purchase a 24–hour access pass for only seven dollars and in that 24–hours you can check out a B–Cycle as many times as you'd like.

Tuesday, two B–Cycle stations were installed here in Rapid City, one at Main Street Square and the other one on the School of Mines campus.
Dan Sepion the director of Residence Life at the School of Mines says the bike sharing program will provide a new transportation option for students.

Dan Sepion says, "If it's going to be a short trip downtown why not buy a pass for the month or the year and go downtown instead of using your car. Hopefully we're encouraging our students that they don't need a car, with the bus system and with this bike program they can probably get around just as well, save some money and be a little greener."

Those that sign up for the year–long membership will get the special B–Card to use at the kiosks.
It allows easier bike checkouts and a few other perks.

Rhea Landholm says, "With an annual membership with that car, the bikes are equipped with GPS so it tells you how far you've traveled, how many miles you've gone, how many calories you've burned, how many minutes you were on the bike. It's basically an exercise program."

Destination Rapid City has partnered with Black Hills Bicycles which will handle all repairs to the B–Cycles.
And although it's not live yet, Rapid City B Cycle dot com will allow users to view maps, rent bikes and order passes.
The B–Cycles should be ready to use by this weekend.

Rapid City B-Cycle
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